List of marketing companies in Ghana (2023)

Marketing is significant in today’s world as it aids in the movement and exchange of goods and services. The emergence of marketing in the modern world has raised the living standards of the society. Marketing companies in Ghana have modernized and revolutionized the livelihoods of people, making it possible for them to get employment.

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Marketing also helps in enhancing the growth of an economy. Until a commodity sells or gets a buyer, nothing much happens in a country. With all that said, it is vital for any company to respond promptly to the preferences of the consumer. Below is a list of marketing Companies in Ghana

1. Origin8 Ltds

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Origin8 is an advertising and marketing company that provides clients with creative and strategic ideas. As a result, they have collaborated with some of the biggest brands such as Total, UBA Africa’s global bank, the British Council, Fleming, the German corporation, and coral among many others. It is among the list of network marketing companies in Ghana, offering quality services.

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Their services include:

  • Advertising services - They provide award-winning advertising ideas for out of homes (billboards), online marketing, web designing, TV, radio, and mobile phones.
  • Creative designs for their walk-in and prospective clients - Their clients are the happiest since they can produce and sell to the original works. Origin8 offers consultancy for editorial services, content development, brochure production, and printing design among others.
  • Market research is the backbone of this company. It is one of the best network marketing companies in Ghana. The department provides services such as marketing and promotions, quantitative research, customer analytic surveys, experimental/test research, and qualitative research.
  • Their production services include magazine Ads, photography, video production, and editing, storyboarding, animation and print video/visuals.

Their customer service is top-notch, and it has enabled them to get the Diamond award as the best creative agency, in West Africa.

2. Aquity Media

Aquity Media is a well-known agency, helping companies get clients. Since its inception six years ago, the agency has assisted business to monetize several customers. Being one of the top 10 network marketing companies in Ghana, they believe that partnership is a force multiplier, while technology is an enabler. They help their customers to:

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  • Dive deep into your market strategy and execute perfection
  • Use an advanced system of advertising that would deliver results
  • Find quality leads that would be converted to paying clients

During their years in operation, they have worked with a myriad of clients, ranging from multinationals to startups, in a variety of industries. The various institutions they have worked with include e-commerce, real estate, higher education, private equity, startups, commodities/FMCG, insurance, and consulting.

Some of their notable clients include Standard, Angel Fair Africa, JUMIA, The Institute of Chartered Accountants (Ghana, Accra College of Medicine, enterprise insurance, Webster University, among others. Working with this team provides a person with relevant expertise for their industry. Above all, they take ownership of each project that has been assigned to them, while putting attention to detail. It is one of the multi-level marketing companies in Ghana.

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  • Email:
  • Phone:233 24-585-9173/233 20-681-4910
  • Physical address: 19th Banana Street, East Legon, Accra, Ghana

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3. Matrix Designs

Matrix Designs is one of the leading integrated digital marketing companies in Ghana. It offers services in social media targeted brands and web design. Sourcing for the services of this company will give you an edge over your competitors. This is because they provide the best guidelines on how to remain at the top of Google search engines. With their team of staff, you will enjoy having more new pre-qualified clients, Save on time and money and have an experienced team will handle your project

Their expertise in social media and search engines optimization makes them provide great services. They include:

  • Off page and on page SEO prices that are competitive
  • Guaranteed fruitful results in a provided timeline
  • Play a significant role in increasing the traffic on your websites

They have gone a notch higher with their services, to be the top ranking membership management solution, behind the success of

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  • Tel: +233 (262) 118-627
  • Email:

4. Job House Web Services

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Having created a name for itself as the top-ranked network marketing companies in Ghana, Job House Web services has the interest of all its clients at heart. The company focuses on speed, quality, and innovation. Since their incorporation 10 years ago, they have worked diligently to meet the needs of their clients by using advanced technology. Before becoming a business unit, it operated under the name “Indigens Afrique.”

They offer a wide range of services that include:

  • Website design where you will get a one free domain name, a hosting space depending on the package you choose, and email accounts, among many other things.
  • Digital marketing where they ensure you get the best strategies that will harness techniques to hp your products sell. You will also enjoy website development, digital advertising, email marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media marketing and management.
  • Web hosting offers their clients to get a web hosting and domain names

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With skilled developers, designers, and digital marketing experts, each web project brought to them is handled with the utmost professionalism. In turn, they have managed to uphold their name of being one of the top online marketing companies in Ghana creating a difference.



  • Phone: 0302 999 234/055 780 8273
  • Email:
  • Physical address: Opposite Okponglo Taxi Rank, between Legon traffic intersection and Ecobank Ghana,Okponglo branch, Accra-Ghana

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5. Swivel Marketing

Swivel marketing is one of the fast growing best marketing companies in Ghana. It has made a reputation, for creating exciting, new, and engaging brands for consumers. They offer services in marketing, events management, and merchandising.

The company has set itself apart by creating brand-consumer relationships. For Swivel marketing, delivering the right message has never been a challenge, as they use canvas to convey a portfolio of their work.

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  • Physical address: Jungle Rd, Accra,Ghana
  • Phone: +233 30 393 1494

6. CliQAfrica

CliQAfrica is a renowned agency providing a myriad of integrated digital marketing solutions to its customer base. In turn, it has appeared severally on the list of marketing companies in Ghana. It has been registered by the Registrar’s General Department in Ghana. What makes the agency more outstanding, is the fact that Ad Word-savvy professionals founded it five years ago.

Their clients enjoy various services such as:

  • Social media management and marketing
  • Professional website design
  • Online advertisement
  • Digital training services


  • Email:
  • Phone: +233247702240/+233241580222

7. WebTek Ghana Limited

Incorporated in 2013, WebTek has pursued all avenues to emerge as an agency offering high-quality services. It is one of the leading IT marketing companies in Ghana, with insight as per the customer’s requirements.

Some of their notable clients include Optimum Soft Technologies, Account Trust, Pryme House, Design-Build Molders among many others. Some of their services include:

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  • Website design that involves UX and UI design, web design, responsive design, and custom design
  • Web development where the experts will provide CRM integrations, Wordpress development, backend development, and E-commerce
  • Application development involves API’s mobile application, web applications, and web services.
  • Brand services include corporate branding, digital product design, brand identity, and package design.
  • When it comes to digital marketing, they will provide you with email marketing, SMS marketing, integrated social marketing, and social media marketing
  • Their videography and photography services
  • You may also get other services such as online support, email management, web hosting, and domain registration.

The company is opened from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. On weekends, they remain closed.


  • Phone: (+233) 30-222-5615/26-907-4211
  • Website:
  • Physical address: Feyo Oyeo Link, North Industrial Area, Accra-Ghana

8. Clak Impressions

List of marketing companies in Ghana (11)

The Clak Impressions is one of the most appearing in list of marketing firms in Ghana. Its presence in the industry has assisted various ventures to build brands, and create an outstanding online presence. Their services include search engine marketing, social media and monitoring, and digital marketing strategy.

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  • Tel: +233 20 681 4910
  • Website:

9. Wild Fusion

Having made a name in the top list of marketing companies in Accra, it was the first agency to be licensed by the Google Ad words. Through their years in this competitive industry, they have ensured to meet the needs of all their clients. The institution works with a team of skilled media professionals. One of their objectives is to surpass the ordinary products found on the market.

At Wild Fusion, you will find a variety of world-class services that suit your needs. They include pay per click advertising, social media marketing, digital marketing strategy, media services. Content production, brand strategy, and search engine optimization. Each project that has been assigned to this agency is given the attention required and completed promptly.

Wild Fusion has gone a notch higher with their services, as they offer training to individuals interested to know about digital marketing. It has been linked amongst the most forward-thinking digital advertising agencies.

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Their training programs include:

  • Professional training in digital marketing provides students with a certificate, which has been accredited by the professionals in digital marketing.
  • Advanced training in digital marketing gives students the opportunity to get acquainted with detail practical introduction to the world of digital marketing.
  • Digital marketing master class enables learners to know ways they can get meaningful results from performing digital strategies that are present in the market.

Some of their notable clients include Pan-Atlantic University, Digital Marketing Institute, and Wild Fusion.

10. Kings Media

Kings Media is one of the domineering search engines optimization agencies in Ghana. Their services are beyond comparison as clients always get value for their money. It is among the top 10 marketing companies in Ghana with the most outstanding reputation.

King Media’s services include web design and development, video marketing, social media, SEO marketing plans, and internet marketing service. One of their objectives is to help drive traffic to their client’s website. Working with this company will ensure your business grows exponentially, beat your competitors out of the market, and regain the ranking of your company.

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11. Janalf Marketing Company Limited

Janalf has emerged as one of the top-ranking sales and marketing companies in Ghana. It started its operations 29 years, and they have ensured the businesses they handled excelled to greater heights. The company has worked with major brands such as, Inecto hair dye, Gillette, L’Oreal West Africa(dark and lovely products), SC Johnson Ghana (Raid, Glade, and Mr. Muscle products

Presently, the company is in collaboration with some of the renowned brands of fragrances in the industry. They include Dr. Mighty (WC cleaners) and Cool breeze (air freshener)


  • Postal address: P.O. Box DS 146, Dansoman, Accra-Ghana

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12. 3rd Floor Digital

3rd Floor Digital is an all-inclusive digital marketing company providing its clients with 360 degrees marketing solutions. It is one of the most sought after affiliate marketing companies in Ghana. Services enjoyed by clients from this company include social media, marketing, online marketing, email marketing, web development, search engine optimization, and mobile marketing.

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  • Physical address: 2nd Floor, 8 Blohum Street, Dzorwulu, Accra, Ghana
  • Phone: +233 26 776 8600
  • Email:

13. Sidekick Social Media

List of marketing companies in Ghana (16)

Sidekick is one of the fastest growing advertising and marketing companies in Ghana. It is well equipped, and this has enabled it to help their clients build the best brands. Some of their services include branding and design, search engine optimization, social media, content marketing, inbound marketing, and web design.

Some of their notable clients include Vanity KLUB, puma, Corporate Assist Ghana, and Colour Magic.


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  • Physical address: 136 General Ankrah High St, Accra
  • Tel:Phone: 050 216 8881

Marketing is a significant aspect for the expansion of any business. It is why marketing companies in Ghana are coming up with the best strategies to help businesses thrive in different areas.



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